Let’s Play the Piano!

We all know that kids and music are just a natural fit……

If your child can recognize ABCDEFG and count 12345, they are ready to play!

Music is the first and most important method of communication for children.  As your child grows, music continues as a basic form of communication and self- expression.

At Southport Piano Academy, early childhood music education empowers children to be the creators of their own music, both as an art form and as an educational experience.

Southport Piano Academy offers piano lessons that bring children together with music at the earliest opportunity.  Piano lessons start children on the road to experiencing, knowing, and understanding music while reinforcing such logical concepts as beginning & end, cause & effect, sequence & balance, harmony & dissonance, as well as arithmetical concepts such as numbers, counting, timing, and patterns.

Early music education contributes strongly to “school readiness”.  Music assists in developing language skills and spatial reasoning, expands memory, and encourages co-operation, collaboration, and group effort.

Give your child the gift of music today and shape a lifetime of learning and pleasure.

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Our  “TIME TO BEGIN” piano method is a unique pre-school piano lessons program that has successfully started children as early as 3 years old in a private Parent & Tot setting.  Learn piano along side your child and enjoy the discovery of piano music together.

As students advance, examinations are available from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto, as well as most other recognized schools and conservatories.

Students may also choose to focus on a Popular or Jazz piano path for their music lessons.

Preparation for Music Theory examinations is available  to supplement the practical piano exams.  High School equivalency credits are given with the completion of certain examination grade levels.


Adult students will find a comfortable and relaxed environment ideal for learning to play or re-starting lessons after years away from the piano.  These piano lessons have a strong focus on music appreciation.


Adults!   Register Today – call 604-275-3285 or email vwarfield@shaw.ca