Dale Reubart, a gift from home

July 13, 2012 at 12:29 am

written by Victoria Warfield, July 13, 2012

Dale Reubart’s reputation in North America rests almost entirely upon his career as a performing pianist and professor of piano at the University of British Columbia. Since his youth, however, he has also been active as a composer.  His teachers include Harold Bauer, Carl Friedberg, Conrad Bos, Halsey Stevens, Ingolf Dahl and Elliott Weisgarber.

Specializing in 19th- and 20th-century piano music, Reubart has performed as soloist, chamber player, accompanist, and lecture-recitalist in several North American centres and has written articles on performance practices. He received research grants from the University of British Columbia in 1969 and the Canada Council in 1970 to study performance practices in the music of Chopin and Liszt. In 1987 he joined with Roslyn Frantz to form the Rosdal Duo, a touring ensemble devoted to music for piano duet. In 1979 Reubart began research into performance anxiety and in 1983 began to lecture on the subject widely in Canada, the USA, and Great Britain, leading many practical workshops for musicians suffering from stage fright.